Club Faboo

We can't help it, we just love a good deal!

Perfect for the Designer/Developer. For just $24.95 and 3.99/mo Club Faboo gives you:

  • Exclusive access to all of our faboo-lous themes.
  • PLUS two new ones every month!
  • Plus, Photoshop editable cover photo and icon
  • And, Online access to our FAQ’s and installation instructions. PLUS – technical support via chat/email

Definition: A Faboo Theme

is a faboo-liscious way of customizing your Facebook “like” page.

We help you drive traffic to your website or if you are a designer/developer, to your clients’ website and business by providing an unique non-member page with a call to action, a member page and a left side bar image for branding of your wall.

Join the Club!

Use one of our faboo-liscous themes to increase traffic to your websites, blogs or videos as a part of your total social media strategy.