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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I create a fan page on facebook?

That’s simple, just go here, then pick a category and answer a few questions and you’ll be all set!

O.K. I set up the fan page, but now where did it go?

You should see a link to your fan page under “Pages” in the left sidebar on facebook.

I have a typo in the Name of my page, can I fix that?

Sure thing, click “Edit Page” then select “Basic Information” and look for the name line, then all you need to do is make your change and click “Save Changes”



What payments do you take?

We accept paypal so that you can pay quickly and securely!

How do I get my file?

Once you have chosen your theme and clicked the “Check out with PayPal” button you will be taken to our PayPal page to make your payment. After payment is made you will be taken to a secure download page so that you can save the zipped theme file down to your computer.

Can I use this theme for more than one fan page?

Absolutely, FabooThemes exists to make your life easier and truly believes in offering a good deal at a great price so of course, once you buy a theme from us it is yours to use as you wish, as many times as you’d like.



Ok, I’m ready, now what?

1. Buy your theme and download it to your computer
2. Use a html editor to change your theme to reflect your desired look and feel.
3. Update the content of your theme.
3. Install the theme on Facebook.

How do I use a custom FabooTheme on Facebook?

It’s easy, just following the instructions to install one of our themes.

What is Static HTML: iframe tabs?

Static HTML makes it simple to build custom iframe tabs. Like Static FBML, but for iframes. This facebook app makes it possible for Facebook users to have customized content on their fan pages. You will need to install it so that you can paste your themes into Facebook. Get it here.



How do I customize the left sidebar image?

A left sidebar sample is included with your FabooTheme. You will want to customize what it says and potentially what it looks like. You can do that by using Adobe Photoshop, but if you don’t have that, we recommend using www.pxlr.com

What is SSL and what if I don’t have it?

Facebook requires that all linked images be hosted on a secure server in order to be viewable by all users. Technically speaking HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is a combination of HTTP with SSL/TLS protocol to provide secure and encrypted communication.

If you don’t have this on your host, no worries, you can go to http://freevps.us/img/ to upload and host images to use on your fan page.

Do I have to know how to code to use your templates?

It sure would help, but if you don’t know how, FabooThemes offers a variety of customization services to help you!

Use one of our faboo-liscous themes to increase traffic to your websites, blogs or videos as a part of your total social media strategy.